Open Call for Ukrainian Composers and Musicians

Open call for Ukrainian composers, sound, media artists and musicians currently living in Lithuania to create music compositions or installations.

About the Festival

Site-specific and social-oriented contemporary music festival “Muzika erdveje” is dedicated to explore relationships between music, architecture and cultural-social contexts of specific locations. Music compositions, installations and performances are premiered at public open spaces of Vilnius, like parks or museums, factories or shopping malls, abandoned buildings or public transport, etc.

Festival “Muzika erdvėje” will take place on September 7–11, 2022 at City of Vilnius.

This year’s festival’s topic – City as an archetype.
Festival will be dedicated to the 700th anniversary of Vilnius.

Open Call

Festival invites Ukrainian music artists to reflect on universal archetypes of cities that can be seen or felt at specific locations in Vilnius – how it can be seen / heard / felt in specific places. The idea of musical work should be based on universal or personal concepts, it can explore common values or personal feelings. The most important thing is that the concept of the piece should be connected with / dedicated for the specific location of the city. Compositions/installations/performances should analyse any aspect of archetypes of a city including architecture, urban topics, greening, ecology, social relationships, heritage or similar other contexts.

Up to 3 works will be selected and included in the festival main program.

Author (one person) of the selected work will receive 600 EUR artist fee
+ additional cost up to 800 EUR to cover the production of the work. 

Various forms are accepted:

  • Original-composed music piece for solo performer or chamber ensemble up to 3 instruments.

Piece can be new or published before but adapted to the concept and the topic of the festival. The work can consist of one or several pieces and the whole program duration must be between 20 and 45 min. 

  • Works of musical theatre, performance, musical improvisation or similar forms of performances that include music as a main media.

Various forms and formats are available. Please take into consideration that all the costs of the performance should not exceed the estimated budget of one piece (800 EUR).

  • Music / sound installation

Installation should include music or sound, but physical objects or video could also be part of it. Please take into consideration that all the costs of the performance should not exceed the estimated budget of one piece (800 EUR).

In case, the applicant is a solo performer or an ensemble:

  • Concert program should consist of the pieces by XX–XXI century composers for solo performers or chamber ensembles.

Duration of a music program should be approx. 45–60 min. Idea, concept and/or certain message of a music program (concert) has to respond to the topic of the festival. If the applicant is one performer or chamber ensemble, he / she or the whole ensemble will receive 600 EUR of artist fee. If the applicant is a large ensemble (7+ performers) the amount of grant can be higher but not exceed the estimated max. fee for one piece (800 EUR). The whole max. amount in this case for a large ensemble can be up to 1400 EUR depending on the number of performers. 

How to Apply

Selection process will have two steps:

  • 1st step: registration 

Please fill in the simple online application form: HERE

Deadline of the registration: May 23, 2022

All the registered participants are welcome to participate in online meeting with organisers.

The meeting will take place on the 24th of May, 2022. Exact time will be announced later for the registered participants. During the meeting organisers of the festival will give more information on the concept and topic of the festival and detailed explanation what kind of musical works are expected / eligible. They will answer all the questions regarding artistic ideas, practical details, and understanding of site-specific music in general. Participation is recommended but not required for musical work submission. 

  • 2nd step: submission of the idea (concept) of musical works

Only registered applicants are able to submit the detailed idea (concept) of musical work. The link to the application form will be sent in person. Applicants will be asked to describe the idea of the piece, how it connects with the festival’s topic, to list technical and other requirements for the piece, to name location(s)  where the piece could be presented and give other practical information.

Deadline of the application: June 20, 2022
Selected works will be announced June 24, 2022

Authors of the selected works will continue the creative process and will have to finish the work by August 22, 2022.

Artists can apply even if not sure about their ability to take part in person during the exact dates of the festival (this condition is not valid for music performers or ensembles). In a case the author is not able to participate in person and the form and/or format of the piece allows, organisers can take full care of the performance / exhibition of the piece by detailed directions of the author.

For more information:

Festival is organised by creative organization „Art DNA“
Festival is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture

Slava Ukraini!

Open Call for Ukrainian Composers and Musicians
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